Author: Sander

  • Sidetracker: The easy-to-use alternative to Google Tag Manager

    For many businesses, understanding how users interact with their website is vital. While tools like Google Tag Manager offer robust tracking capabilities, they can be complex and intimidating for those without a technical background. Enter Sidetracker—a user-friendly alternative that makes tracking interactions on your site simple and effective. Why Sidetracker over Google Tag Manager? Google…

  • Unleashing the power of button tracking with Sidetracker

    Tracking and understanding how users interact with your website is a game-changer for any business. Sidetracker’s button tracking feature is here to make that process effortless and insightful, especially for those who aren’t tech wizards. Why button tracking matters Every click on your site is a potential goldmine of data. Whether it’s someone requesting a…

  • Simplifying conversion tracking with Google Ads integration

    Tracking and understanding conversions is crucial for making informed marketing decisions. Sidetracker’s new Google Ads integration empowers businesses of all sizes to easily send conversion data from Sidetracker to Google Ads. This feature enables comprehensive tracking and is a game-changer for companies aiming to optimize their marketing efforts. How it works Sidetracker tracks each visit…

  • How QR codes can boost your offline conversions

    Blending offline and online marketing efforts is crucial for modern businesses. Sidetracker’s QR code feature offers a straightforward way to track offline conversions, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and helping refine marketing strategies. Retail Businesses For instance, a bathroom store can print QR codes on their flyers. When a customer scans the code, it…

  • Connect Sidetracker to Zapier

    In this video we explain how to create a Zap with Sidetracker, where we automatically add rows from a Sidetracker List to a Google Sheets document.

  • Create a funnel with a Calendly event

    In this video we explain how you create a funnel to track you customers journey a Calendly schedule as a conversion point.

  • Build a call-to-action flow with the Sidetracker REST API

    In this video we explain step by step with a real world example how our REST API can help you tracking call to action events.

  • Master cross-domain tracking with Sidetracker

    In the dynamic landscape of SaaS, the ability to meticulously trace your customer’s journey – from their first landing on your site to the crucial act of signing up, and even beyond – is indispensable. As a SaaS founder, you’re not just overseeing a website; you’re crafting a multi-faceted experience that stretches across various domains.…