Sidetracker: The easy-to-use alternative to Google Tag Manager

For many businesses, understanding how users interact with their website is vital. While tools like Google Tag Manager offer robust tracking capabilities, they can be complex and intimidating for those without a technical background. Enter Sidetracker—a user-friendly alternative that makes tracking interactions on your site simple and effective.

Why Sidetracker over Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is powerful but can be overwhelming with its steep learning curve and technical jargon. Sidetracker, on the other hand, offers the same essential tracking features but in a way that anyone can use. Here’s why Sidetracker might be the better choice for your business:

  • Simplicity: Sidetracker is designed with ease of use in mind. No need for extensive training or coding knowledge—just straightforward, intuitive tracking.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Track every interaction from button clicks to form submissions without the hassle. Sidetracker covers all your tracking needs in a simplified interface.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate with your CRM and other marketing tools to streamline your data collection and analysis.
  • Zapier Integration: Connect Sidetracker with over 6,000 apps using Zapier to automate workflows and enhance your data management.

How Sidetracker works

Setting up tracking with Sidetracker is as simple as it gets. Here’s a quick overview:

Create a Tracker

Sidetracker allows you to create Trackers that monitor specific actions on your website. There are multiple actions you can choose from:

  • Mouse click: This action is triggered by a mouse click on a specific link using a parameter in the href URL or on an element within a webpage leveraging an attribute.
  • Parameter: This action is triggered when a certain parameter exists in the referrer URL or in the URL on page load.
  • URL tracker: This action is triggered when there is a match in either the referrer URL or the page load URL.
  • QR code tracker: This action is triggered when a specific QR code is scanned and redirects to a designated URL.

Real-world example

Imagine you run a fitness studio, and you want to track how many people sign up for a free trial through your website. With Sidetracker, you can:

  • Capture user details: When someone clicks the “Sign up for free trial” button, Sidetracker can fetch the input fields, gathering vital information like name, email, and fitness goals.
  • Update membership status: Automatically update the membership status in your CRM to reflect a new trial member.
  • Send emails: Instantly send a welcome email to the new member and a notification to your team.
  • Analyze user journey: Track the user’s journey from their first visit to your site, through to signing up for the trial, giving you a comprehensive view of their interactions.

Benefits of using Sidetracker

User-friendly interface

Sidetracker’s interface is designed for everyone. You don’t need to be a tech expert to set up and manage your trackers. The intuitive design ensures that you can get started quickly and without frustration.

Real-time tracking

Get real-time insights into user interactions. Sidetracker updates you as events happen, allowing for immediate action and follow-up. This is crucial for maintaining engagement and converting leads.

Comprehensive data integration

Unlike some form plugins that simply collect data, Sidetracker integrates this data across your marketing and sales tools. This ensures that your entire team has access to up-to-date information, facilitating better decision-making and strategy adjustments.

Extensive app integration with Zapier

Sidetracker’s integration with Zapier allows you to connect with over 6,000 apps, automating workflows and enhancing your data management. Whether it’s syncing data to your CRM, updating spreadsheets, or triggering email campaigns, Sidetracker and Zapier together make your processes seamless and efficient.

Use case highlight

Consider a fitness studio aiming to increase its membership base. By using Sidetracker, they can:

  • Track when a visitor clicks the “Sign up for Free trial” button.
  • Fetch the data entered in the trial sign-up form and map it to their CRM.
  • Automatically add this data to their leads list and update the membership status.
  • Send a welcome email to the new member and a notification to the team.
  • Analyze which marketing campaigns led to the most trial sign-ups, optimizing their strategy accordingly.
  • Integrate with other apps via Zapier to automate tasks like adding new members to a mailing list, creating follow-up reminders, and more.


Sidetracker is a powerful, user-friendly alternative to Google Tag Manager. It simplifies the tracking process, making it accessible for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. By offering comprehensive tracking, seamless integration with your existing tools, and extensive app connectivity via Zapier, Sidetracker helps you make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing strategies and boost your ROI.

Ready to simplify your tracking and take control of your user data? Try Sidetracker today and see the difference it can make.