Master cross-domain tracking with Sidetracker

In the dynamic landscape of SaaS, the ability to meticulously trace your customer’s journey – from their first landing on your site to the crucial act of signing up, and even beyond – is indispensable. As a SaaS founder, you’re not just overseeing a website; you’re crafting a multi-faceted experience that stretches across various domains. Your challenge? To seamlessly connect the first brush with your brand to the intricate steps of post-sign-up engagement.

Enter the world of cross-domain tracking – an essential tool at the core of understanding and refining the customer journey. This is the realm where excels. Specifically designed for SaaS founders, is adept at tracking customer journeys with precision. It captures every nuance from the initial engagement on your landing domain to that decisive moment when a visitor clicks your precious ‘Start now’ button, bridging smoothly to your application platform.

But’s capabilities extend further. Post-sign-up behaviors – like the selection of a plan, progression through onboarding steps, and ongoing engagement – are also within its purview. And with the flexibility offered by metadata customization, these insights become even more potent and tailored to your specific needs.

The challenge of cross-domain tracking

Navigating the complexities of a customer’s journey across various domains is a daunting task. Traditional analytics tools often stumble, losing the thread when a user transitions from your main landing domain to your application platform. This gap in tracking can lead to misinformed decisions and a hazy understanding of your customer’s experience. bridging the gap is ingeniously designed to streamline the tracking process. Our tool adeptly captures user activity as they journey from your promotional or landing domain to your actual SaaS platform. Whether visitors are engaging with a blog post, exploring your pricing page, or initiating a trial sign-up, ensures that their journey is tracked consistently and comprehensively.

One of the standout features of is its flexible parameterization capability. You can easily add parameters to each link on your webpage. This includes the use of actions and variable values as parameter values. For example, by embedding ...?clickEvent=keep|{session_id} into a link, transfers the uniquely generated session ID of the visitor to the signup domain. This seamless transition enables precise tracking across domains.

Furthermore, our robust API comes into play here, opening doors to enhanced data utilization. With this session ID, you can conveniently store information back to the metadata field of this user session. Whether it’s marking {"signup": true} or recording any other value, the API empowers you to tailor the tracking to your specific requirements. This level of customization ensures that you capture the nuances of your users’ interactions, providing you with actionable insights for strategic decisions.

API integration: tech-savvy and customizable

Understanding the imperative for deep customisation and technical integration, introduces a robust REST API, crafted for flexibility and precision. This API empowers you to tailor the tracking process to your specific requirements, enabling the addition of intricate layers of data that align perfectly with your unique customer journey. It’s designed not just for tracking but for integrating rich, actionable insights into your system.

Whether your focus is on tracking specific events, custom user actions, or integrating diverse data points into your internal analytics, the API facilitates seamless integration. It enables a dynamic data flow, where information is not just collected but also enriched and synchronized with your existing analytics infrastructure, ensuring a comprehensive and unified view of your customer’s interactions across multiple domains.

Crafted for efficiency: for SaaS founders

At, we understand the myriad challenges faced by SaaS founders. Your day is a balancing act of various tasks, each demanding your attention. That’s precisely why we’ve designed to be exceptionally user-friendly and efficient. Our tool is built to respect both your time and intelligence. It focuses on delivering the crucial data you need, cutting through the clutter and eliminating unnecessary fluff.

Advanced rule application for accurate tracking

One of’s standout features is its advanced rule application. You can set up specific rules to distinguish traffic sources with ease. For example, you can define rules that identify whether a visitor came through Google paid ads or organic search, based on the presence or absence of certain parameters in the domain. The same logic applies to traffic from sites like Capterra or other PPC and affiliate sources. This level of detail in tracking ensures that you know exactly where your traffic is coming from.


In the fast-paced world of SaaS, true progress hinges on a deep understanding of your customer’s journey. With, you’re equipped to unlock insights like never before. Our platform empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions, elevating your SaaS platform to unprecedented heights. More than just tracking visits and trials, enables you to discern the true sources of your conversions. This insight is invaluable, helping you identify and focus on the channels that genuinely drive growth, while avoiding wasteful spending on less effective ones. Join us at in revolutionising how SaaS journeys are tracked and understood.

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