Customer data for SaaS businesses

Cross-domain tracking

A common use case where SideTracker helps out SaaS businesses is in keeping track of the customer journey, beyond the first conversion on the landing pages. The issue often times starts when the potential new customer clicks on the “Start free trial” button and gets redirected cross-domain to the application. It’s easy to lose track of the identity of the conversion at this point. Yes there are solutions like a redirect to the main domain after signing up, but this is often not the most ideal way, since you deflect the user further from your application and besides that don’t forget the missing data when cookies are denied.

With SideTracker you have a much better solution at hand. Each visit gets a unique session ID and when you redirect cross-domain, you can parse this ID as a parameter in the URL, or store it in the localStorage of the next domain, whatever suits you best.
Then in the signup process you can simply grab the session ID with that you can with a simple API request enrich the visitor in your SideTracker database with all known details and mark them as a “lead”.

From then on you can enrich the lead and later maybe customer after subscribing to your product with all kinds of data. For example when a certain feature is used, maybe even in a certain way. You could add events to this like sending your sales team a notification when that happens, and other automated actions. The possibilities are endless.

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