(Inter)act on visitor journeys without the use cookies

Start tracking your domain today

With the domain tracking feature you can get a detailed overview about how visitors came to your website and what journey led them to convert as a customer. With SideTracker you are able to (inter)act in every step of the customer journey.

Setting up SideTracker is easy. You start by adding a single script tag in the header of your website, the connection is made and from now on your good to go.

Tracking is done without the use of cookies. This means that you can always track your visits, even when cookies are denied.

While tracking visits, you might want to trigger events on certain behaviours. With SideTracker you have out of the box trigger events that you can apply, for example when certain parameters occur in the url, or when a user clicks on certain elements on your webpage.

SideTracker is built as a toolkit and we are daring you to use your creativity to track traffic the way that suits you best. With an extensive API and an easy to use dashboard, the possibilities are endless!

Example use cases

For SaaS founders

A common use case where SideTracker helps out businesses is in the SaaS space. With SideTracker you can tag visits as a leads or customers and keep track on customer behaviour far beyond their first website visit

For affilate marketing

When you have affiliate deals it’s sometimes complicated to measure the exact conversions, especially with cookies. SideTracker solves this with a cookie-free solution. You can measure both ways, as an individual or agency.